Click&Clean Chrome Extension: Ultimate Guide for Enhanced Browser Security and Privacy

What is Click&Clean?

Click&Clean – is the famous Chrome extension that helps to improve the security of your browser and clean the history of your actions in several clicks. It provides many options that help to control your presence on the Internet, guard personal data, and have seamless web surfing.

Features of Click&Clean

Comprehensive Data Cleaning

Click&Clean allows users to delete various types of browsing data, including:

  • Browsing history
  • Download history
  • Cache
  • Cookies and other site data
  • Passwords and sign-in data

Privacy Protection

Privacy is of great importance when it comes to the erasing of the browser history and it is strongly emphasized inside Click&Clean. They assist you in not tracking and ensure your personal details can’t be viewed by other people.

One-Click Cleaning

The extension does the literal opposite of its name by providing a single button that will clear all your browsing data. This convenience guarantees that even the insignificant users who are not so familiar with the application of technology can maintain their privacy without any difficulty.

Additional Tools

Click&Clean also includes several useful tools such as:

  • Secure file deletion
  • Flash cookie cleaning
  • Web-based threats scanner
  • Incognito mode cleaner

Benefits of Using Click&Clean

Enhanced Privacy

Thus all in all Click&Clean make people secure from their browser history by cleaning it on a regular basis. This is especially crucial in a situation where you are using your computer in collaboration with other people or use borrowed PCs.

Improved Browser Performance

Cached files and cookies in your browser are examples of file types that pile up in your browser and minimize its speed. Click&Clean is of great benefit in such a case as it enhances performance of computers by frequently erasing such files.

Reduced Risk of Data Theft

It clears passwords and sign-in data hence making it difficult for hackers to steal them.


Despite the possibility to change numerous settings, Click&Clean has a one-click cleaning option that saves time and does not require going through the options.

How to Install Click&Clean

Installing Click&Clean is a straightforward process:

  1. Open Chrome Web Store: Go to the Chrome Web Store on your browser. you can use this link
  2. Search for Click&Clean: Type “Click&Clean” in the search bar and press enter.
  3. Add to Chrome: Click the “Add to Chrome” button next to the Click&Clean extension.
  4. Confirm Installation: A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation. Click “Add Extension.”

Setting Up Click&Clean

Initial Configuration

Once installed, you’ll see the Click&Clean icon in your browser’s toolbar. Click on it to open the settings menu where you can configure your preferences.

Customizing Cleaning Options

You can customize which types of data you want to clean and set up automatic cleaning schedules according to your needs.

Using Click&Clean

To use Click&Clean, simply click the extension icon and select “Clean” from the dropdown menu. This will instantly delete your selected browsing data.

Advanced Features

Secure File Deletion

Click&Clean allows you to securely delete files from your computer, ensuring they cannot be recovered by any means.

Flash Cookie Cleaning

The extension also removes Flash cookies, which are often overlooked by other cleaning tools.

Web Threats Scanner

Click&Clean includes a web-based threats scanner to help you identify and avoid malicious websites.

Tips for Maximizing Click&Clean’s Potential

Regular Cleaning

Set up a regular cleaning schedule to ensure your browser remains fast and your data secure.

Use Incognito Mode

Use Click&Clean to clean your incognito browsing sessions, ensuring no data is left behind.

Stay Updated

Regularly check for updates to ensure you have the latest features and security improvements.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Extension Not Working

If Click&Clean isn’t working as expected, try reinstalling the extension or checking for updates.

Data Not Being Deleted

Ensure you have selected the correct data types to be cleaned in the settings menu.

Compatibility Issues

Make sure your Chrome browser is up to date to avoid compatibility issues with Click&Clean.

Click & Clean Chrome extension is simply a must have utility for anyone in effort to increase the privacy of his/her browsing and also improve on the performance of his/her Google chrome browser. Click&Clean can be used with ease and it’s equipped with powerful cleaning tools allowing users to have a clean PC with a blink of an eye and extra security tools. Download Click&Clean today and regain your right to use the World Wide Web.


Is Click&Clean free to use?

Yes, Click&Clean offers a free version with essential features. There may be additional features available in a premium version.

Does Click&Clean work with other browsers?

Click&Clean is primarily designed for Chrome, but similar extensions may be available for other browsers.

Can Click&Clean delete all types of cookies?

Click&Clean can delete regular and Flash cookies, providing comprehensive data cleaning.

How often should I use Click&Clean?

For optimal performance and privacy, it’s recommended to use Click&Clean at least once a week.

Is Click&Clean safe?

Yes, Click&Clean is safe to use and helps enhance your browser’s security and privacy.

Does Click&Clean affect browser performance?

By cleaning up unnecessary data, Click&Clean can actually improve your browser’s performance.

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